Our Foundation: 4 Pillars of HOPE

Communities of HOPE believes in four strategic themes that are high-priorities for the current social change we are making in our communities. These themes are called our 4 Pillars of HOPE consisting of Healthy Living, Financial Security, Educational Success, and Strong Families.

These pillars are the foundation of what we do every day for our communities’ residents and families and eliminating social issues. At each pillar, we are instilling life skills that are essential to building a promising tomorrow.

Girl jumping and reaching for a red balloon in the air. | CoH's 4 Pillars of HOPE

Levers of Change

Each pillar has four Levers of Change – the primary framework around which more detailed strategies were created. CoH found these levers to be the main social issues affecting communities. Additionally, they have helped CoH to narrow these 16 Levers of Change into our now 4 Pillars of HOPE.

This table highlights the 4 Pillars of HOPE and the 16 Levers of Change:

Healthy Living Financial Security Educational Success Strong Families
Healthy Eating Financial Literacy Win-Win Relationships with Schools Multiple On-Site Programs Build Trust
Better Exercise Asset Building Programs for Student Success and Reducing Drop-Out Rates Classes, Mentoring, & Faith-Based Programs
Reducing Smoking and Substance Abuse Micro-enterprise Opportunity Scholarship Programs for Residents Improved Safety and Security
Prevention, Early Detection & Chronic Disease Management Career Development Adult Education Programs/GED Assistance High Expectation of Volunteering
Family of four walking down a dirt road, holding hands. | CoH's 4 Pillars of HOPE

Detailing Our Strategic Pillars

Learn more about each of our 4 Pillars by visiting their respective pages: